Your baby didn’t come with a manual...
let Make My Baby Smile customize one for you!

I want my baby to sleep through the night, every night.

A sleeping baby is every new parents dream. We all love our babies, but sometimes we wish they just had an off button. Teaching a baby how to sleep though the night and through naps makes both a happy baby and even happier parents.

Our approach to sleep is very simple, we have several methods that are proven successful ways to teach a baby to sleep and we work with the parents to select the method that is best suited for the individual needs.

There is no one size fits all. The approach is tailored to the individual needs and circumstances of the baby and family. The simplest of factors can require a change in approach, variables include:

• The room the baby is sleeping in?
• Age of the baby?
• Are they sharing a room with a sibling?
• Are they a twin?
• What kind of crib are they sleeping in?
• Is it summer or winter?
• Are they breast or bottle fed?

These factors and many more are all taken into consideration when putting together a custom sleep strategy.

Make My Baby Smile creates a custom sleep plan for you, provides step by step instructions on how to execute it and is there for you every step of the way.

All packages through Make My Baby Smile include a week of text support to help you through the obstacles you may encounter. You have a question just ask!

Ariane Alla

An update for you Rochel: baby girl is still sleeping through the night, thank you for helping us train her! She now knows that she is supposed to be sleeping from 7 to 7 and is such a happy baby!

My Baby And I Need HELP Now!

Uh oh! Baby is not happy and mommy is ready to pull her hair out!! Have no fear, we are here to help.

If you need urgent assistance in any baby matter, be it sleep, routine, new baby on the way, integrating a baby into a pet home, or anything else, we have you covered. Reach out, let’s schedule a consultation yesterday and let us change the uh oh in to a simple ahhhh.