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Advice For Moms

What has pregnancy done to my body, OMG!

For nine months we had many expected and unexpected changes happen to our bodies. Most of these someone told us about so we were somewhat prepared. Then we have our little bundle of joy and wow no one told us about all the post partum changes as well. If you are like an average post partum mom no one probably told you your hair was going to fall out afterwards, sometimes in clumps! This is just one of the many post partum changes your body goes through. Immediately after giving birth some woman even have the “shakes”. I know I had this with my first child and not my second child, it was so scary how badly your body can shake.  I was shaking so badly I couldn’t even hold my own baby that I just gave birth to!  I was fortunate to know this was common and was able stay calm. Here are some of the many post partum changes our bodies can go through with all the hormonal changes!

  1. Bleeding, we can bleed up to 6 weeks after.
  2. Hemorrhoids, these painful internal or external suckers are so painful.
  3. Swollen feet, with all the extra fluid in our body shifting our feet become very swollen.
  4. Hair Loss, when we are pregnant our hair never goes through the fall out stage and after it all falls out. We can thank our hormones for this one.
  5. Back and hip pain, whether we went through labor, a C-section or both our bodies are completely destroyed. Our pelvic bones shifted so much that our hips actually hurt, in addition to the extra weight we have been carrying around for 9 months; they have been loosening up for nine months so this has caused a lot of inflammation in your ligaments.
  6. Mood swings. Wow! Our mood is out of control and our hormones are going crazy… Just ask the daddies!
  7. Phantom kicks, these are weird flutters your feel after you are pregnant, it can be that your uterus takes a long time to stop contracting or maybe we are just more sensitive to this feeling now and can feel everything easier.
  8. Bloody gums, your gums and teeth may take a dive after having your baby especially if you are breastfeeding full time. Your little one is taking every piece of nutrition from your body so it’s important to take your prenatal vitamin everyday.
  9. Your period, some woman get there periods right away while others it can take a year or so. This can depend on whether you are breastfeeding around the clock or not. Everyone is different. When you do get your period, it is common for it to last 2 weeks.
  10. Night sweats, we have so much extra fluid in our body and so many hormonal changes going on we sweat it out at nighttime. I know I use to wake up drenched!
  11. Fertility, if you are breastfeeding you are not 100% protected from becoming pregnant so if you don’t want to get pregnant again use protection. If you are not breastfeeding you are actually the most fertile right after you have your baby, so be aware of this.
  12. Our stomachs! Wow what happened, stretch marks, pouches; will it ever look the same? Every woman’s body is different but if you work at building and tightening your abdominal muscles there is hope at the end of the tunnel!

We go through so many changes for 9 months and so we have to keep in mind our body needs at least 9 months to undo all of these changes. I know it’s frustrating, but we just have to be patient. The best thing to do is talk to other moms that are also going through the same physical and emotional changes because they can understand you the best.

The Balancing Act Never Ends…

Before you had your little bundle of joy, you were a machine and you got everything done! Now since you had your little one, you get maybe one thing done in a day and its very hard on you.

Balancing everything as a new mom can be extremely difficult. We don’t even have enough time to shower properly let alone go to the grocery store and bank etc. Because now you are a mom, and there is a baby girl or boy that is in your hands. Its pretty amazing if you think about it, at that moment this little one depends on you for every little thing. I know we can’t do the normal everyday errands like we use to but we are doing the big things, we are nurturing out little ones with everything they need in life. That is a full time job on its own!

Finding your own balance as a new mom will take time, so give it time. Before you know it you will be whipping through Costco with your little one and getting what you need to get done.

Here are some helpful hints:

  1. Have realistic goals of what you want to get done. Don’t put ten things down on your list because that’s not possible anymore but put the two main things down each day to do. Remember you have a little one to take care of, and that is very time consuming.
  2. Take advantage of the modern world. Use or and get your necessities delivered to your doorstep. You can subscribe to what you need and not even have to worry about it.
  3. Its ok to have help. We are only human and we all need sleep or just a break. So whether it is friends, family or a babysitter have your break and do something for mommy. We all need help sometimes and that is ok; we aren’t superwoman even though we want to be :)!
  4. Find support. Join a music class, mommy and me class, gym class or whatever you find fits your personality but being around other moms in the same situation at the same time with the same age babies will be very comforting and helpful.
  5. Get some rest. The laundry can wait a day, but a tired mommy is not a fun mommy nor a productive mommy, so sleep when you can in the early days. Sleep is needed and wanted.

Happy Balancing Act Mommies! J

Why are so many moms so competitive!

We live in a very vain and competitive mommy world today. A global world with social media at our finger tips and every day thousands of baby photos posted. When you have a conversation with a mother, most ask “how old is he?” you may answer 7 months, and the next is question is, “Is he crawling?” It’s a constant what’s your baby doing? And where does that line up to my baby? I guess as moms we can’t help ourselves and most of the time it’s not competitive it is just that as a new mom we just don’t know if what our baby is doing, and where they are on the curve, is normal so we ask other moms. There are always competitive moms and that will happen, because we always want our little ones to be the best and we see them as the best in our eyes.

A common issue is we think, “My baby hasn’t crawled yet, should I be worried?” And hearing from other moms can ease us. Every baby eventually rolls, sits up, crawls either before or after walking, says mama and dada and holds their own bottle. Every baby moves at their own pace and to push them isn’t going to hurry them, enjoy their stages and enjoy watching them learn. Letting them take their course and learn is allowing them to have independence to learn. We don’t always need the best new toy, the new sheet set for the crib or even the newest stroller. Our little ones need our love, attention, care, nurture and never-ending support. These key elements help them flourish and grow not only physically but cognitively. Knowing mommy is always there for them is the most important. So don’t worry, your baby will roll whether it is at 3 or 5 months it will happen, there is no need to rush. Enjoy the steps as they come along, they only come along once. Happy baby development Mommies!:)

The Mom Award

As a mom, stay at home or working, the hours of work and time you have to be “on” is never ending. It is definitely the job that never sleeps! From the time our little one is born we have an unconditional love for them that only a mother can truly understand. It is different than any other love we have ever experienced. In the beginning we put endless days and nights into giving them the love, nutrition, and endless support to help them develop. Then they hit the toddler years and we still give them everything we possibly can but they are becoming “a little person” and want to be more independent. They even find it fun to throw a tantrum in their independent stride! And they grow for many years becoming more independent and still we give them the never-ending support and love that they need and that we want to give them. Whatever your child may grow up to be, whether it’s a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, or an Olympic athlete…you as a mom have been there every step of the way. So yes, you deserve the “mom award”. Actually I think after every year in the child’s life we as moms should get gold star on our charts, it’s a job that isn’t calculated nor fiscally measured, yet it is a job we proudly do because we want to and because our unconditional love for our child is never ending. So don’t forget to hug and kiss your child then call your mom and send them back the unconditional love they gave you for all their lives. The never-ending circle of love and life.

Stop Telling Me How to Parent!

The second you become a parent, everyone has an opinion of what you should be doing and not be doing from your mother-in-law to a stranger on the street.  The fact is that it is the one thing in life that we are never truly prepared for is the unknown and surprises of parenthood. When we were taught about babies, they were cute, cuddly and slept a lot. The truth is babies are hard work, bottom line!  It is a full time job that is 24 hours a day and is the most important job out there. You are shaping a little person to become an amazing individual one-day. But the reality is, when we leave the hospital for the first time with your little bundle of joy, there is no instruction manual. So everyone tells you what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t be doing no matter if you want to hear it or not. What should we do about this? Well considering there is no manual on parenthood it is good to always have one ear open and one ear closed. Every parent is different to the way they want to parent their child and maybe everything you hear you won’t like, but just maybe one of two things may work and be very useful. So even though we never want to be told how to parent and never want to be told that something we are doing could have a different approach, we get told anyways. So take what you want to use and leave the rest. There is tons of information out there with every person we speak to and interact with. It’s all a journey of learning; it’s the never-ending learning circle of being a parent. No parent is perfect and we will all make mistakes, so learn from other people’s mistakes not your own :). Happy Parenting!

Sick Little Angel….

As I sat on the floor today with my little girl burning hot in my arms, crying because she was sick it got me thinking how helpless our little ones can be.  I am sure all your mamas have been there when your little one is sick and it still breaks my heart every time. Every time the temperature says 103.6F (39.7C) again, I just hope the next day it says 98.6F (37C). It is so hard to be a mom and so rewarding to be a mom. Our little ones would be lost with out us. I know there are days we all just want to get in the car and drive, but remember being a mom is the hardest job out there, it’s a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week job. But also remember you are helping your little one grow up to be the amazing little person they will be. So give your self a pat on the back, or may be just an extra glass of wine tonight. Celebrate being a mom; it’s the most special and rewarding job out there!

A Child's Love….

This past weekend I got hit badly with a stomach bug and every mom out there that has been sick with kids knows this is not easy! Even with my husband home, my little one wants to see where mommy is and wants mommy! There should be a law against letting moms get sick because we just don’t have time to be sick!

As I was laying in bed, my two and half year old little girl comes up to me lightly put her hand on my cheek and says, “mommy better now?” I began to tell her that mommy has an ouchy in her belly and needs to stay in bed to get well. Then the adorable little angel that she is, she says to me, “mommy want music on?” and then… “mommy want dance party? It makes mommy happy!” Right then my heart melted, my two and half year old little girl was trying to make me better and was trying different things that we do together to make us all happy together. And to add to my heart melting even more, my 10 month old crawls over and lies down close to me and starts to giggle. I couldn’t believe that these two girls were just trying to make their mommy better with giggles, cuddles and smiles.

A child’s love is like nothing in this world. And all you new mama’s out there that are having sleepless nights, know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and every bit is completely worth it!  Its hard work being a mommy, it is no joke! But it is moments like this that last forever in your heart.

Happy Mothering!

The Obstacles In Being a Parent!

As parents we have constant obstacles to overcome. We come home from the hospital and our baby is waking every 2-3 hours, how ever will they sleep longer than this? And with time they learn. As we sit there and run into new obstacles or maybe it is the same obstacle we just haven't been able to take head on yet, we stop and think but how will my baby ever sleep in her own bed? Or how will they ever sleep 12 straight hours? Or a long nap? Just like anything else it seems impossible at that moment but with time and hard work, the outcome is very rewarding. So take your mommy tool box out this weekend and think about something you have wanted to work on for a while. It may something simple like transitioning your 18 month old into a booster chair or bringing your child swimming for the first time... whatever it is, good luck and keep strong! Parenthood is full of daily obstacles, but we have to keep on chugging!

Happy Friday!

Oh No My Belly Just Won't Go Flat!

If you are like most moms out there, after having a baby, you want to get back in shape but it is so difficult. Firstly, there's the breastfeeding and your never-ending hunger as well as diet change for your little bubba. And contrary to popular belief, not all woman get skinny from breastfeeding, in fact some are the opposite and store fat while they breastfeed. Secondly, there's the countless nights of sleep deprivation. And to top it all off you are just not feeling that pretty at the moment without any motivation whatsoever. We have all been there and it is hard for each and every one of us whether we have 5 or 20 pounds to lose it all involves getting motivated and making simple changes.
Here are a few tips of steps you can take, one at a time, to get your old body back. Just remember it took 9 months for your body to change to baby body, so take small, slow steps and give it time to go back to how it was.

Good luck on the road to being fit once again!
Happy & Healthy Mommies!

Being A New Mommy And A Wife All At Once

There is new little person in the house that has caught all the attention. This new little one that you cuddle and love all day long because it is just hard not to! You guys are now mommy and daddy and have a child! Wow, what a change and a good one all around J! But with all this happiness comes another change in the household dynamics. You all of a sudden are a new mother with not enough sleep, hormones going crazy, and never feel like anything but wanting sleep. But lets always remember we are now a wife and a mother. Being a mother is very hard on us as woman with all the body, hormonal and dynamic changes. Change is never easy, but it is rewarding, especially this one J. Don’t forget change is also hard for daddy. So this weekend give him a few extra kisses and pay a little more attention to him. It is hard to find a balance in life with everything new but it will come and when it does, your heaven will get even happier and better than it already is. Enjoy motherhood and enjoy being an amazing wife as well!
Happy Mommying!

Hormones: Holy Crap What A Rollercoaster!!!

After you have a baby your body has to go back to normal and with this comes a huge hormonal change. With the hormonal change comes sweating, mood swings, hair falling out and yes the baby blues. Baby blues happens to many post partum women so do not feel alone here. Your random tears and constant feeling of sadness and loneness will pass. I know you don’t want to deal with anyone and are feeling down and out, but seek some guidance through this tough time. It will pass and you will get through it. Support through this tough time is so helpful.

So how can you help get these hormones back on track? Sleep, eat well, seek help and give it time. Did you know that you need 4 hours consecutive hours of sleep at a time to begin to get your hormones adjusted back to their normal level? And as a new mommy 4 hours is difficult to have early on. So take every chance you have to get some shuteye to get your hormonal changes back on track. If a friend of family member offers to watch your little one while you get some sleep take advantage of it and get some extra sleep. A well-rested and happy mommy is the best thing for your baby. Eat well; this will help you feel more balanced all together. Seeking help will guide you though this tough time. Remember take care of yourself so you can be the best mommy you can be. Your health is very important to this new little life that just entered the world.

Happy Hormonal Changes :)!

How Many C- Sections Can I Have?

If you are a mom that had to have a c- section for your first pregnancy, either for breach or an emergency C reasons, the chances are your next birth will be a C-section as well. If you are a viable candidate for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) then that is a decision you will have to make with your partner and doctor. So as mothers, after having the first baby, this becomes an important question we must ask ourselves with family planning; how many C-sections can I safely have? 

With each C-section your risks do increase. Even though this is a way of giving birth, it is still a surgery and as with any surgery, there comes risks.  Some of these risks include infection, bleeding, and thinning of the uterine lining. No matter if you deliver vaginally or via a C-section, risks occur and one should always make sure to be educated and have a Doctor that you trust. 

So the magic number of safe C-sections that are nearly worry-free is 3. Some Doctors will allow you to go to 4 but will discuss the risks with you. So next time you are sitting down and talking about babies and your first baby was a C-section, just know that a total of 3 is the safest bet. Perhaps then, you want to try for a VBAC? These are all very personal decisions and whatever decision you choose, as long as baby and mommy are healthy, it was the right decision for both of you.

Happy Mommying!

Naked Families? To Do Or Not To Do!

There comes a point as parents where we sit there and ask, “should we still change in front of our child?” Every child becomes curious of its own body parts and body parts in general. Once this happens us, as parents have to take a step back and make an important parenting decision, open nakedness in the home or private nakedness in the home? There is no right or wrong answer here each parent makes their own decision of what they believe in and what they want to instill in their children.

The one thing is that if you see your child getting uncomfortable at all then that is their way of telling you they are not comfortable with open nakedness anymore and they probably want you to stop. Some children become very quiet and want their space while others may just point and say “mommy’s boobie makes milk!” and that is normal to them.  As long as everyone in the household does not feel uncomfortable and they know not to parade around naked everywhere then you do what you feel is right as a parent.

So what is the answer to this question? There is no answer. There are so many talks about body image and who knows which way is the right way. The right way is the way that you choose and believe in as a parent. So go with what you feel and stay attuned to what your child feels. What you feel and what they feel may be conflicted and having them feel comfortable is most important.

Happy Parenting!

Jayde's Reflux Story….

A mother’s worst fear is bringing a baby home from the hospital and suddenly they stop breathing. This is something so scary it literally gives me goose bumps just writing the words to all of you. Here is a true story from a mother, Jayde with her baby Mika and how that happened. It is scary, but it is good for all of us mothers out there to know and be educated. Enjoy the read.

“The first night I brought Mika back from the hospital, I was excited & extremely nervous.
My husband was sick with the worst flu that had been going around. In fact my mother in law had it too. 
Anyway, Mika would sleep with me in the bassinet in our room & my husband & I decided it's better for him to sleep in the guest room because he was so sick.

So nightfall arrived & at some exhausted point in time, I had put Mika in bed next to me to breastfeed directly from me lying down & I remember us both falling asleep. Next thing, I feel this tiny 3 day old newborn sit up with arms flailing at her sides, turning red, then maroon at a rapid rate and I didn't see her breathing in or out!! Instinctively I began to burp her vigorously until she gagged & coughed up what must have been remaining amnio fluid and then proceeded to scream crying, which of course completely set me off crying hysterically, feeling like a complete clueless mother who was so scared and helpless at that moment and have never felt more like I'd been thrown in the deep end & there was no-one in sight to help me.

I went to her room to get her a new, clean swaddle and my husband (awoken from his NyQuil slumber) called out to ask me if everything was ok. To which I replied; "Nooo!! (Sob sob) it's not ok! Mika just stopped breathing and I don't know what I'm doing!" He calmed me down a bit but left me to return back to Mika alone for fear of giving her any germs.

I reswaddled her & remember praying for morning to come quicker so I could just get to the doctor ASAP, to check her out & try learn what that was so I could prevent it from EVER happening again.

Turns out it was reflux & I learned then to elevate her at all times and burp her as thoroughly as I can after feedings.

It was also recommended to give her Zantac however my husband & I didn't want to administer medication to her so young so we chose not to & to try the elevation method solely first.

Thank goodness that seemed to do the trick and I never had a repeat of that horrible incident again.”

Sharing, A Whole New World Opened Up At A Young Age….

When we bring these little ones into the world we take on a responsibility to raise another person. With all the sleep obstacles come many other obstacles such as values, morals, and the ins and outs of life. From an early age we can help teach our children to be kind and “share” with an open heart. It is the simple things with mom, dad and siblings that truly teach them how to act to others because we are with them the majority of the time. Something so simple as when your little one wants to share food with you, accept it. This is teaching the concept of “taking turns” at a young age. The concept of selflessness and thinking about others being instilled in them from a young age is priceless. Not to mention all the additional smiles it puts on our faces as parents! It all stems from the home, so combine your values and morals with the never ending stream of love you are providing and you will get nothing less that perfect!
Happy Mommying!

(this combined with ariella and roy video)

Infant CPR & Its Importance…

Taking Something Away Is Twice As Strong As Giving Something… Safety First In The Home!
Yes our child is on the move and we have to watch their every move! And now the time has hit where you need to baby proof your home. There are a few key items that make any home safer for your babies and toddlers.

Once our babies start to go on the move it is a whole new world of parenting. You begin to be able to keep your eyes on every action and even predict their every move. People without children will just sit there and get tired from just watching how on top of it you are! So make your life a little simpler and safer by baby proofing your home with the basics for safety!
Safe Playing Everyone!

Jayde's Stories… A Choking Story….

One afternoon, I took Mika to the grocery store with me. She's still new to the shopping cart seat so after about 20 minutes she grew slightly impatient and was indicating to me she was "over it" and wanted up. However I didn't feel like holding her and pushing a cart, so instead I thought I'd quickly buy her a snack (i.e. grab a snack in the baby aisle and pay for the wrapper on my way out).  Anyway, I looked for our usual baby mum-mums but this store were out of them, so instead I saw "yogurt melts" which I thought looked perfect and rather tasty. 

So I opened the pack, which peaked her interest and instantly stopped her complaining, as always automatically her mouth opened ready to accept this new treat and I popped it on her tongue. She happily started making sounds of  "mmmm ummm mmm" her usual "I-LOVE-my-food-noises" and I, relieved I'd found a distraction to keep her busy while I shop, continued back to the aisles I needed, when suddenly, I saw her eyes go red and she just looked at me and began to open her mouth with no air going in or out. In a panic, I grabbed her out of the stroller quickly, flung her over my shoulder, and began to smack her back and finally heard her swallow. 
I drew her back to make eye contact with her and saw she was once again breathing, and her color had returned to normal.
I then read the back of the package that said, "How do you know your baby is ready for this food? If they can crawl on all fours with their belly lifted off the ground"
EEEEEEK!!! She can NOT do that yet and it is no wonder the poor thing choked!
I've now learned to ALWAYS read the age appropriate suggestion on the package as well as the additional instructions, which explain if you know your child is ready for that particular snack. 

I hope you will learn from my mistake- it is scary when these little ones choke! Also, please take the time to learn the correct ways to handle when a child chokes, luckily this was not too serious and she managed to resolve it on her own, but dealing with it the way that I did was not the correct way to stop your baby from choking. 

Helpful instructions coming up!


Please read this so you know it, just incase your baby does choke:

How can I stop my baby from choking?

Dislodge the blockage

1. Hold your baby so that he is lying face down along your forearm with his head lower than his bottom and his back and head supported. 

Give five chest thrusts

If your baby is still unable to breathe, turn him onto his back and give up to five chest thrusts: 

If the obstruction does not clear after three cycles of back blows and chest thrusts, dial 999 (or 112) for an ambulance. Continue giving your baby back blows and chest thrusts until help arrives. 

Even if your baby seems to be fully recovered from the choking episode, take her to your doctor that day.

How can I give my baby cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)?

Quickly identify the problem

If your baby is choking, follow the steps described above to clear her airway. 

If your baby is unconscious try to get a response by calling his name and tapping gently on the sole of his foot. 

If your baby is unconscious but breathing normally hold him on his side, head tilted, as if you were giving him a cuddle, with his head lower than his tummy. 

If your baby is unconscious and he is having trouble breathing use the following procedure: 

Open the airway

Give five rescue breaths:

Give 30 chest compressions:

If you are unable to give rescue breaths give chest compressions alone. 

My Baby And I Need HELP Now!

Uh oh! Baby is not happy and mommy is ready to pull her hair out!! Have no fear, we are here to help.

If you need urgent assistance in any baby matter, be it sleep, routine, new baby on the way, integrating a baby into a pet home, or anything else, we have you covered. Reach out, let’s schedule a consultation yesterday and let us change the uh oh in to a simple ahhhh.